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Our Services

We have three basic services, with varying levels available in each.

Mail Forwarding

This is our basic service.  All our plans include this service.  Your mail is forwarded to our post office box.  We sort and collect your mail, holding it for you.  At scheduled times, or at your request, we bundle the collected mail and send it to you.  We can forward all mail, first-class only, first-class and magazines, or any combination you may request.

Bill Paying

With our Bill Paying service, we watch your incoming mail for items that appear to be bills.  You provide us with a list of those bills that are pre-authorized for payment.  Any bills we find that are not pre-authorized are not automatically paid.  We will contact you via email or phone when a non-approved bill is received, and will await your instructions.  You can also pre-authorize us to use our best judgment on your behalf.  That is, if a bill appears legitimate, we can go ahead and pay it to prevent late-fees and the problems associated with that.

Payments are made from a checking account you will have opened for the purpose.  In addition to your signatures, our company officers will be signers on this account.  We prefer Bank of America, but can work with any bank or credit union branch.  We highly recommend that your cruising expense account be separate from your bill paying account.

Concierge Service

Sometimes when you are away from home you need special services that require a personal touch.  Our staff is ready and waiting to help you with your special needs.  You just need to call us so we can discuss your needs and the costs.